Choosing Your Lock and Key Tattoo!

When you are thinking about getting a tattoo that suits you, there are many important things to consider. One of the most popular tattoos at the moment is the lock and key tattoo, and it is delightful in its simplicity. There are so many different meanings that this tattoo can have, and there is a design out there to suit everyone. If you are craving a tattoo, take a moment to consider what your options might be. Lock and key tattoos can be a wonderful way for you to express your views and your feelings.

A Heart Shaped Lock
We’ve all experienced the pain of heartbreak and loss, and that can lead us to lock our hearts up tight. However, no matter how battered our hearts are or how guarded we feel, there is always a key that gets us to open up. This is where a lock and key tattoo really shines. Choose a lock that is in the shape of a heart and build your design from there. Perhaps you know exactly who holds the key to your heart, or maybe you are simply reminding yourself that you need to protect yourself while still remaining vulnerable. In either case, a heart lock can be a great way to express your emotions to the outside world.

If you are someone who is fairly low key with moments of intensity, you might be interested in lock and key tattoos that are rendered in as realistic a style as possible. There are tattoo artists out there that dedicate themselves to excellent shading and extreme realism, and this might suit the tattoo that you have in mind. For example, when you think about your tattoo, do you imagine a specific type of padlock, or do you see a very elaborate Victorian design? These tattoos are perfect for the person who wants a lot of specificity in their tattoo designs.

Organic and Flowing
Lock And Key TattoosWhen people think of lock and key tattoos, they often think of a very mechanic aesthetic. If you want something a little softer, however, there are definitely ways to accommodate that. For example, when depicting the lock, consider giving it the look of a metal plate with filigree flower designs around the keyhole. The key itself can have the look of an old-fashioned skeleton key, with graceful curves and lines in that fashion. You can even put flowers around it to round out the harsh, straight edges.

Steampunk has variously been called a social movement that seeks to recapture the sense of adventure of the age of exploration, and a fashion where goths discovered brown, but no one argues that it makes great tattoos. One of the most important visual artifact of steampunk is its reliance on gears, so think about incorporating gears into your tattoo design. You can embellish either the lock and key with gears, or you can simply look up Victorian lock and key designs while adding a few gears here and there.

When you are looking at creating your own lock and key design, take a moment to think about how you are going to tie it together. Some people find that the lock and the key look too disjointed when they don’t touch, and that is where ribbon comes in. Ribbons or banners are a perfect motif to include in your tattoo, especially if you want to keep a little bit of space between the solidity of the lock and key designs. You can make the ribbons skinny or wide, forked or squared off. If you want to reinforce the romance connection without making the lock a heart, consider twisting the ribbon into a heart shape or even into the name of someone you care about.

If you are someone who appreciates a very hard edge to their tattoos, take a moment and consider using a realistic and industrial style to design it. An industrial style does a great deal to create a rather machine-like look, and some people choose to incorporate some realistic elements into it. For example, some people ask the tattoo artist to make it look like the hasp of the lock is going through their flesh, something that adds an element of realism to the entire thing. These tattoos look great in gray or in stark black and white, depending on what your interests are.

When you are looking at lock and key tattoos, you will find that you also need to think about placement. Some people choose to place the lock and key on entirely different parts of their body, while other people like to have them overlapping in one larger tattoo. One popular placement of the lock and key design is on the flattest part of your chest, below your collar bones. When you want a very large, very visible tattoo, you will find that this is a perfect place to have it. Other people choose to place the lock on the back of one foot and the key on the back of another. While foot tattoos do have the disadvantage of fading fast, this can make quite a bold statement, though you should be careful with shoes until the tattoo heals.

Another great place for the lock and key design is at the nape of your neck. This area lends itself to a more vertical orientation than most. Place the lock on the nape of your neck and then dangle the key directly below it.

When you are simply looking for a classic place to put your tattoo, you might also like to consider your shoulder and your shoulder blade. If you want something fairly discreet while still being obvious if you want it to be, consider placing the lock on the inside of one wrist and the key on the inside of another. This is a fantastic place when you want relatively small tattoos that are still very apparent. You might also like to place your tattoo along the smooth part of your calf. This is another great place for a vertical design.

If you are someone who is interested in a tattoo that can be customized until it is entirely your own, think about choosing a lock and key tattoo. There are so many variations that you are sure to find something that you are going to absolutely love!

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